Many of our neighbors live in a world plagued by hunger, violence, and insecurity.

But children at Shepherd Community Center have food, safety, and hope. Children like five-year-old Brian.

It was a typical Christmas at Shepherd Community Center. We were busy working to meet the needs of our neighbors and keeping the promises made. We were all stressed and frustrated at times, truly missing the heart of the season. Until one day, just a week or so before Christmas, Brian walked into my office.

Brian heard there were children around the world who didn’t have anything, so Brian gave the only toys he had to his name: three old, worn out Matchbox cars. Why? Because Brian had all he really needed at Shepherd, proudly saying, “I can always play with toys at Shepherd!”

Shepherd is engaging and empowering the community to cultivate healthy children, strong families, and vibrant neighborhoods to meet the physical, emotional, spiritual, and academic needs of our neighbors. But Shepherd cannot do it alone.

Won’t you give all you can give to ensure hundreds of children like Brian will continue to have a safe, loving, and hopeful place at Shepherd? Your financial generosity will help provide hope to break the cycle of poverty this Christmas – and all year long!

Give children a safe, loving, and hopeful place at Shepherd.
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