Our Partnerships Matter

Partnerships matter as we work so hard to help students break the cycle of poverty.

One such essential partnership is the IU School of Optometry. They come and test our students as young as 3 years old to determine any kind of visual challenge that may hinder our students as they attempt to do their school work and read.

Their expertise works together with our relationships to help our students. Thanks IU!

Partnerships matter.

What breaks poverty?

In a season where there is a lot of political conversation, I am reminded that there are lots of conversations and promises related to poverty. Yet, very little has been accomplished in the war on poverty.

I often hear about how more programs and more money will move the needle to alleviate poverty. But in reality, neither programs or money alone actually makes a difference. Relationships are what is needed to make a difference.

Yet, the purpose of government is not to create relationships. But WE are, and this is a personal responsibility for each of us.

The question is… will I step up?

Poverty is a complicated issue.

Is there enough food in Indianapolis?
Is there enough housing in Indianapolis?

The answer to both is, simply, yes.

Poverty is not the lack of resources, but it is more about access to resources.

So how do we create access to the things our neighbors need?

Is that true poverty alleviation?