shep41Shepherd offers many unique ways to get involved in helping families break the cycle of poverty. By participating in our Sponsorship Program, you are helping give a child or a family a “hand up” to break the cycle of poverty. Read our Hand Up FAQ by clicking this link.

How does Hand Up help my sponsored child?

Your sponsorship of $35 a month will help one inner city child have the resources and supportive relationships needed to succeed in school and in life. As a child sponsor you receive:

  • Semi-Annual communication from your sponsored child
  • Ability to schedule a visit to tour the facilities and observe the programs in which your child participates
  • Receive timely notification if your sponsored child is no longer a part of programs

How does Hand Up help my sponsored family?

Our families are motivated to break the cycle of poverty for their family, but need support and guidance to meet their goals. Many families simply lack the tools, knowledge, and resources to transform their family’s physical, emotional, spiritual, and academic situation. Shepherd is able to provide these resources and more through our Continuum of Care that works alongside families from birth to career – and beyond. Your sponsorship of $52 a month will give a family the unique tools and guidance they need to help them achieve their dreams. Shepherd offers families programs such as, but not limited to:

  • Job training and assistance
  • GED studies
  • ESL classes
  • Financial literacy and budgeting
  • Access to fresh produce
  • Saturday Mornings food pantry
  • Legal Clinic (partnered with Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic)
  • Tax Prep
  • Health education courses
  • Women’s groups – Bible studies and crafts
  • Parenting classes and mentoring through Project Jordan
  • Family nights at Shepherd
  • A safe, healthy environment for their children to grow and develop

To sponsor a child or family now, please fill out our simple donation form below.