“The wheels on the bus go ‘round and ‘round…” is more than just a much-loved children’s song. At Shepherd Community Center it’s an everyday reality thanks to Mike Pratt and his team of automotive technicians at Midas Auto Service & Tire in Carmel, IN. Without the buses that Dave, Mike, AC, Angel, and Hat of Midas keep in tip-top shape, many of the ministries that make Shepherd Shepherd would come to a screeching halt.

Mike, president of Automotive Group Inc., first became involved with Shepherd several years ago when he and his wife, Stacia, went to Shepherd to help wrap Christmas gifts. “While we were there, I saw an old box truck with a rusted-out muffler,” he said, “and I told Jay, ‘I can fix that for you. That’s what I do.’”

Several years and numerous buses, vans and box trucks later, Mike is still doing what he does best for Shepherd—at no charge to Shepherd. Dave, AC, Mike, Angel, and Hat work on Shepherd’s vehicles as they can during normal business hours. Over the years, they’ve changed oil and tires and repaired or replaced brakes, lights, engines, catalytic converters—just about anything that could be worked on has been.

Besides the enormous benefits to Shepherd, Mike says that both he and his employees profit from the relationship, in a way that doesn’t involve dollars and cents. “It’s been a morale boost as far as my employees are concerned, they get to use their time and talents to help others,” said Mike.

And in a time when many businesses are struggling to stay afloat, providing mechanic’s services for Shepherd Community allows Mike to still contribute to Shepherd’s work. “It has enabled me to give when I don’t have money to give,” he said. I can keep my giving spirit going when my cash is tight.”

Just like Mike keeps the wheels on Shepherd’s buses going ‘round and ‘round, other businesses are stepping up to offer their services too. We’ve always got a need and room for one more business partner. How can your business help endorse Shepherd?