Shepherd is what it is for many reasons, and some of those reasons are the companies that support us, like DEFENDERS. DEFENDERS, an authorized dealer for ADT, GE, and DISH Network, has fifteen hundred employees in forty-eight states.

The corporate culture at DEFENDERS encourages employees to give back to their communities by giving them two service days a year. “DEFENDERS wants their employees to work harder on themselves than they work on their job,” said Heather Chapman, Executive Assistant to DEFENDERS President. “We recently started a Giving Counsel to help employees get engaged in that DEFENDERS culture, and we’ve asked Shepherd Community Center to be a part of it.”

Recently, DEFENDERS employees came to lay fresh mulch on Shepherd’s playground, and others helped hang drywall for one of Shepherd’s families. In addition, DEFENDERS is helping Shepherd behind-the-scenes with Human resources support, monthly food drives, and will sponsor a 5K benefit run in November.

“I feel confident about Shepherd because of the connections they make with the lives in their neighborhood,” said Chapman. “I don’t know if that happens with national organizations, but I know it happens with Shepherd Community Center.”

And DEFENDERS isn’t the only company that helps. Edward’s Transmissions helps by fixing up abandoned cars and donating them to Shepherd families. Bartley Modular, Inc., a builder in Plainfield, Indiana, helped put new logos on all of Shepherd’s buses. How can your business help Shepherd?

To find out more about DEFENDERS and their services, please visit their website.