Statistics have Names and Faces

There are lot’s of conversations about politics these days. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard much on the politics of poverty. As each candidate speaks about their views, what seems to be lost is the names and faces of those whom all the policies impact.  I will explore more in coming weeks those things that impact families dealing with poverty. But today, let us all remember…statistics have names and faces.

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Welcome to Shepherd Community Center’s website

Welcome to the new and improved website…..we hope you find it helpful and informative. You will see some of the exciting things that are happening for the families we serve. Your investment into the lives of our neighbors is making a difference and we hope this new site can help you see that. Let us know what you think.  Welcome…and thank you.

Welcome to Jay’s Journal!

My goal in writing this journal is to to help give you a glimpse into poverty. To take a quick snapshot of the challenges we face as we empower those we serve at Shepherd Community Center to break free from the bondage and shackles of poverty.