It is a challenging time!

It is a challenging time!

Giving is down in all sectors of the non-profit world.

Governments are talking about taxing non-profits.

Many of our families are dealing with major life challenges.

Yet I have hope. Why? Because money doesn’t define us. The government will do what it wants, and at the end of the day, we have the privilege to bring hope into the lives of our neighbors.

Yes. We must work harder, cut budgets, aggressively seek additional funding, and never lose the hope we have that the cycle of poverty can be broken — and in many lives, it has already been broken.

Thanks for your help.

23rd Anniversary

Today, July 31st is the 23rd anniversary of my family moving to Indianapolis to join the work at Shepherd Community Center. We have fallen in love with our neighbors.

It has been our privilege to serve with our neIghbors to make the Near-Eastside a better place to live, work, and worship. We have been changed by those who served us and ministered to us.

We cherish these special years.

Thanks to all who’ve been part of our story these last 23 years.

God bless

The Heat is On

So the “heat is on,” as the song says. It seems as if there was no spring. Yet, for our neighborhood, this is a life and death situation. Stuck in an apartment with no air movement.

The local EMS have been busy transporting folks with breathing issues.As someone who struggles with asthma, this heat makes you feel as if someone sitting on your chest.
Our police officer and paramedic team are delivering fans to the home of those who need help.

You can be a part of this effort. Would you consider donating a fan to help our neighbors beat the heat?

Fans can be dropped off, or shipped to our address from online stores.

Donations can also be made, with “fans” in the memo. Please help us beat the heat.