Partnerships matter

We are excited to be partnering with Kids, Inc. to help them start an after-school program in Fountain Square. By sharing our supportive material and a staff member, we are able to help them start serving urban students in an area that we don’t touch. Yes, our partnership further helps our community by joining with another established ministry.
Jake Medlong does a great job, and we are excited to know that the years of our experience can help more children.

Partnership is our future, and our today.

Leap of reason

Mario Morino says in his book, “Leap of reason,”

“The great organizations are those who tackle issues bigger than themselves and partner with others to tackle it.”

Partnerships are a key part of Shepherd Community. One great partner is Community East Hospital. In an attempt to better meet the health needs of our neighborhood, they have embedded a community health worker at Shepherd Community. Together, we are able to accomplish better health care for our neighbors.

Shepherd Community + Community East Hospital + our neighbors = healthier neighbors and their families!

Partner On

Come volunteer!

So… how can you help someone break the cycle of poverty?

Come volunteer!

Help serve lunch.
Help serve dinner.
Read to a preschooler.
Help bring a group to work on repairs for our neighbors homes.

What is your skill?
What is your hobby?

Maybe you can help someone break the cycle of poverty today!