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Come volunteer!

So… how can you help someone break the cycle of poverty?

Come volunteer!

Help serve lunch.
Help serve dinner.
Read to a preschooler.
Help bring a group to work on repairs for our neighbors homes.

What is your skill?
What is your hobby?

Maybe you can help someone break the cycle of poverty today!

Back to school

Our school year programs are back in gear. Every day, over 400 students are touched by the ministry of Shepherd Community Center.

Really, we are a funnel for friends like you and our neighbors. Together we make a great team to enable families to break the cycle of poverty.

Come tutor a child.
Help serve a lunch.
Spend an hour reading to a child.

You can make a difference !

It is a challenging time!

It is a challenging time!

Giving is down in all sectors of the non-profit world.

Governments are talking about taxing non-profits.

Many of our families are dealing with major life challenges.

Yet I have hope. Why? Because money doesn’t define us. The government will do what it wants, and at the end of the day, we have the privilege to bring hope into the lives of our neighbors.

Yes. We must work harder, cut budgets, aggressively seek additional funding, and never lose the hope we have that the cycle of poverty can be broken — and in many lives, it has already been broken.

Thanks for your help.

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