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Truly Loving Our Neighbors

Recently, we hosted our monthly senior citizen luncheon and fun day. This growing ministry is more than a lunch, games, crafts, and a short devotional. It really is a time to breath life into those who feel forgotten and cast away.

Senior adults are an often forgotten population, and in our neighborhood they comprise the second largest population. These senior neighbors face the battle of hunger on a daily basis atop of a multitude of other challenges – lack of education, lack of resources, and a lack of people who love them. Their love of a fresh-cooked meal reminds me of just one of the many things I have to be thankful for.

As Shepherd continues to embrace our neighborhood, we make new friends, like our senior friends. We will love and care for everyone, no matter their age or circumstance. We truly love our neighbors.

Won’t you join us?

A Safe Place

Her week consisted of a crescendo of violence, pain, fear, and the ever-present weapon accompanying the many threats. All she had were the clothes on her back and her trusty dog.

“Where can I go? How can I get there? Will I ever be safe?” These questions circulated like a tornado around her, nearly swallowing her up.

Then, she came to Shepherd.

She came through our doors – horribly beaten and fearful of her spouse. She had never been at Shepherd before and had no connections to us from previous services. So, I asked her a how she ended up here. Her answer was simple, yet profound. “I needed to get to safety. I have heard about Shepherd Community Center from so many; I knew I could come here and be safe.”

Thank you for helping to make sure our doors are always open. Every day, so many come here – a child, a spouse, a parent, a neighbor, an elderly adult, a man desperate for help – knowing it is a safe place, all thanks to you.

So, for this woman in need, she found her safe place. We helped her talk with the police. We gave her food, shelter, clothes, and a listening ear. We contacted an out-of-state relative, who took her to a new place to call home – even the dog.

Thank you for allowing us to open our doors every day for people who simply need a safe place.


a decade.

Wow, what a decade! It is hard to believe that ten years ago, in 2006, we moved Shepherd Community Center into the wonderful building where we are now. I remember walking through the building wondering how we were going to use all the building, and now today, every room is used every day, sometimes in multiple ways each day.

And now, I’m excited that our new addition is completed on Shepherd Community Center. With this addition, we have added another classroom, a teaching kitchen, new food pantry, and a huge storage room. Best of all, thanks to all the generous donors and supporters, this new addition is 100% paid for.

We are so blessed by how God has worked to touch so many lives. We never dreamed of what God would do through this location when we moved 10 years ago, and now we’re overflowing! Now, can we dream bigger dreams? Can we stand back and watch how God is going to move? I’ve seen God moving in the 21 years my family has served, and this building reminds me of that every day.

We are a blessed people. The question is, will we be a blessing?


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