shep26In an effort to fight the fragmentation of health care, Shepherd opened a FREE neighborhood Health Clinic on March 3, 2007. The Health Clinic meets the need for accessible, high-quality health care in our community, provides a continuity of care, and optimizes the heath of our neighbors through health education and preventative services.

The Health Clinic is open to Shepherd program families and operates on the first four Saturdays of each month from 8:30 am to Noon. At the Health Clinic, our neighbors can be seen by a nurse, nurse practitioner, or physician, have lab work done, and get prescriptions filled all free-of-charge to the patient and their family.

Through the Health Clinic, our Patient Navigator also works to connect our neighbors to a permanent medical home and a health care payer, and guides them through the process of applying for insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid.

The Health Clinic follows all HIPPA regulations.

Get Involved

Because of the high demand for quality healthcare, we are always looking for doctors, nurses (lab and other), and pharmacists to help us reach the community. Volunteers without medical skills are also needed to provide administrative assistance and translations for our Hispanic neighbors. Interpreters must be fluent in Spanish and English, be familiar with both cultures, and possess a medical vocabulary.

Malpractice coverage, if not provided by the volunteer’s employer, can be offered to our licensed medical volunteers (MD, DO, NP, RN, LPN, PA, Pharmacist, etc.) through the Federal Tort Claim Act. Please check with your employer to see if they provide this for community volunteer work.

To volunteer with the Health Clinic, visit our volunteer page.

For more information about the Health Clinic, please contact David Noe at

Interested in volunteering?
When our families come in to Shepherd, they are treated with respect and professionalism. They are triaged by a nurse, seen a doctor/NP/PA, and, if needed, will have lab work completed and prescriptions filled on site.

Patients are also assisted in walking through the health care system to apply for medical coverage, find a primary care provider, referrals to specialists, and applying for prescription assistance programs.
Shepherd Health Clinic meets the first and third Saturdays each month from 8:30 – Noon and is staffed solely by our volunteers. On the second Saturday of the month, Shepherd offers nutrition classes on-site, also staffed solely by volunteers. We also work closely with local nursing, pharmacy, and physician assistant programs to best meet the needs of our community.

Shepherd is always in need of more volunteers. Here are positions you can fill:
– Physician, Nurse Practitioner, Physicians Assistant
– Nurse – RN, LPN, MA
– Nutritionist / Dietitian
– Pharmacist
– Pharmacy Technician
– Bi-lingual Interpreter (Spanish/English)
– Administrative

To become a Health Clinic volunteer, fill out the volunteer form and specify “Health Clinic”