appeal_land_pgBecause of you, Shepherd Community Center has impacted the near Eastside of Indianapolis since 1985, helping families break the cycle of poverty. Together, we have built a Continuum of Care to help children from cradle to career – and beyond. Today, children and parents experience hope, because you are helping us to provide the tools to meet their physical, emotional, spiritual, and academic needs.

A few years ago, we were challenged to think bigger and tackle the systemic issues of our neighborhood. These systemic problems are: housing, health, hunger, and hope. We will take the first step this summer by implementing the 46201 Project.

Here’s how we’ll do it:

  • We will partner with One Heart Many Hands, SEND, Englewood, Fuller Center, and the City of Indianapolis to build at least 10 new homes and repair and renovate 80 – 100 homes.
  • We will work to attack Hunger in the 46201 zip code for both children and adults.
  • We will partner with area IMPD and Eskenazi to connect our neighbors with resources to meet their physical and emotional needs, including access to quality health care.
  • We will build first name relationships with our neighbors, and using those relationships to connect all neighbors as well as reassure them of their value and hope.

For a task this big we need partnerships with people like YOU. Your gift, whether great or small, will enable us to bring about systemic change and hope to your community. We need your partnership to make a huge impact this summer.

For more information on the 46201 project, contact Andrew Green at